Free activity for kids

On this site you can find coloring pages which allow kids to fill up colors in colorless sketches. These pictures are great source of entertainment for kids as they can have fun time coloring their favorite characters, TV Characters, animals, things etc. Images not only amuse children but also offer them knowledge. It is considered that this activity is also a very efficient way of providing entertainment to the kids. This phenomenon is highly adopted by nursery schools, and other educational institutions. It should be known that this activity is suitable and beneficial for children between the age group of 3 to 6 years; however, there are older children who take books to color as their hobbies.

Obtaining this content is not a difficult task. You can get economical coloring pictures at nearest stationery store. There are fair chances that these pages may also be available in form of books which may help the children to keep them organized. For your convenience, there are sites operating over internet that offers you an opportunity to download and print suitable coloring-pages. However, to do this you need to have an internet connection with a competent printer. The best part about downloading these pictures from internet is that you can choose a suitable page from the wide ranging spectrum offered you to over internet.

Pictures to color are beneficial for children as it enhances the ability to understand colors and accomplish the task with perfection. It may also provide a sense of color combination to your child and stimulate and increase the creativity of your child. It also grows interest in your child towards artistic phenomena. There are different kinds of coloring pages such as human, Disney, fruits etc, from which you can choose your child’s favorite niche.

Online Games That Build Brains

Need a kids website that will keep your little ones safely entertained? You want to let the surf a page and enjoy activities just for kids. All this in a safe kid friendly and mother approved website. The try and have them happily playing in no time. 

Not Another Advert Heavy Time Vampire

You may be thinking that this is just another obnoxious time waster for children, and sadly many websites that purport to be kid friendly,with games and activities, only to find pack man and bloody violent shooters as the mainstays. is not just for games… its for brains. 

Bloodless, But Not Brainless

First of all, there are no bloody games at They seem to only specialize in G-rated games and activities. Alot of the games and activities provided have a strong educational undertone of even theme. There are math games, geography game, and even astronomy games! 

There are sections for reading, fun arcade, playground, and as stated earlier a math section: the math arcade. These gentle and easy to play games still offer a challenge to little brains, while keeping little hands occupied and out of mischief. apparently meant it when they put th word “brain” in their name. 

Parents Welcome

For parents, there is a parents page explaining many of the features, and the history of the web site. Information on games and activities and contact information. With many suggestions and links to other family oriented game and activity sites. With an endless chain of educational games you’ll have them quiet and studying all at the same time. 

Teaching the Fun Way!

For teachers and other educators, there is a teachers section. Complete with teaching aids and a curriculum organizer, flash cards, and a game finder a teacher can educate entertain and inspire all from one easy website. So go ahead and let the little guys online.

The color of help, let the children decide

Coloring books have the wonderful quality of being nonverbal and therefore universal despite language. They can help a stressed out or frightened child relax enough to respond to a therapist. Many behavioral problems have been solved by a regular regimen of color books. You can even find them online. 

Allowing a child creative freedom is of the utmost importance, especially in the case of traumatized children. Freedom of being able to color their pictures anything they want is a far better way of helping the child regain a sense of control and stability in their lives. The alternative is a silent silent child, silent because they feel their silence is all they can control. 

The eighties brought a coloring book boom as the technology to create them was becoming cheaper. Also contributing was the massive marketing that began in full force during this period and arguably possibly earlier. One of the most innovative was the technical books for adult learning. 

As mentioned earlier coloring books have great potential to aid in the recovery of trauma, even physical trauma. In cases of nerve damage they can exercise and improve muscle control and nerve health. For some patients, it is the only way they can retain flexibility in their fingers, hands, and wrists. 

All throughout the Internet free coloring sheets and free pictures are available for download and printing. Almost anything can be found in ready to color form. All you need is an online connection and you can have countless characters and scenes and even educational pages. 

All can be down loaded, compile, stapled and given to any child that needs them. It is an easy and cheap way to get children to boost their creativity and start working on hand eye coordination!

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Derwent artists colored pencils an English rose online amongst

These high quality colored pencils are manufactured in England with the sole intent of creating the perfect colored pencil for the professional artist. Whether you are a graphic designer or a lightening fast street portrait painter or even a coloring book artist, these pencils will have you pouring out art in no time.

Feels good!

The texture and blending qualities of these pencils leave other brands something to envy. Also capable of creating sharp lines as well as shading and texturing. Sharpening to a fine point in no time, the Derwent Artists Colored Pencils still have the firmness to retain a point longer than your average colored pencil. Point longevity can mean a lot to an artist who is caught up in the flow, and the last thing they need is to worry about a blunt pencil.

No Artists With Two Left Thumbs Need Despair Again!

Typically arriving in  quantities of 12 to 72, these pencils have been specially formulated to deliver beautiful, rich, lush pigments. Very easy to grip due to the hexagonal body shade. No more flinging pencils in a furious flurry of art. So well formed is the grip that children easily enjoy coloring pages and pages of coloring books.

 Keep ‘m Safe

All of these are delivered to you in an attractive black box to store and preserve your precious new pencils. There is available for purchase, a studio version of the Derwent Artists Colored Pencils. These sets are available in a hinged top box. 

With all these qualities these pencils are a pleasure to work with. Luxurious for those who revel in the slide of the waxy tip across a new sheet of paper, a must have staple for any artistic supply. The tactile pleasure is not the stopping place for this great coloring pencil set, with such rich and diverse colors, you can create exotic works of art with an arsenal of colors. Order yours online today!

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Smooth, Even and No Longer Number 2!

Faber-Castell Art & Graphic Products Colored Pencils are a beautiful display of rich pigments and perfect blending. Putting down an even strong line that doesn’t waver or skidder across the paper like other brand’s. Who should use them? Whether you are coloring pages in a coloring book, or creating a masterpiece, these colored pencils will not disappoint, in any of your artistic activities. 

Blend, Shade, and Other Advanced Techniques

Blending, shading, and smoothing are a snap due to the velvet smooth texture of the perfect firmness . With such an amazing texture and glide this is a serious colored pencil that will benefit the newb and still benefit a veteran.Striation and various advanced texturing techniques are easier than ever because of the smooth texture of these pencils. 


Sometimes, pencils are broken in the heat of artistic passion or artistic frustration depending on how you look at it.Faber-Castell Art & Graphic Products Colored Pencils are resistant to breakage. Due to special polymer treated wood this colored pencil can take a beating. If you still find the need to rage snap, may we suggest keeping a supply of pretzel sticks handy. You can still snap something and keep your pencil. Also, there is the snack side to consider. 

Already Sharp So you Can Get to the Point Faster.

Another word about frustration. You won’t have any frustrating  first time pencil sharping with Faber-Castell Art & Graphic Products Colored Pencils. They come pre-sharpened and ready for art the moment the muse grips you. Colored pencils are notoriously frustrating to sharpen, but Faber-Castell Art & Graphic Products has an easier time than most sharpening. 

Attractive and Practical Storage

Many of Faber-Castell Art & Graphic Products’ line of pencils comes in an attractive wooden box, or metal tin. The box and the tin both hold 120 colored pencils of varying array of rich Faber-Castell Art & Graphic Products Pencils. A nice addition to any budding artist’s arsenal, or to replenish a veterans supply. 

Whatever it may be that you color on, Faber-Castell Art & Graphic Products has the best colored pencils for you. Whether you are, drawing a graphic novel, to creating a free coloring sheet for kids, these pencils will perform far beyond one’s initial expectations.

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Add a little color to the internet, make your own coloring sheets

Have you ever wanted to make your own free coloring sheets? If you are like most parents with a creative tick to them, then you would love making your own web site for this purpose. You don’t have to be an artist to make a free coloring book online. Drawing is a talent some people have but a skill that everyone can learn. 

To get started on your own free sheets, all you need is a blank piece of papers. That’s right, one analog sheet of unlined white paper. Try and get the thinnest plain white paper you can find. The idea is to be able to see through the paper just enough to be able to trace an image underneath, if help is needed. 

Things to Keep in Mind

–    Of course you will want to make you pictures as kid friendly as possible. 

–    Try not to add much in the way of shading, unless in the instance of hinting at further shading. 

–     Don’t pick an image that is too finely detailed, remember these are not art school students, they are just kids! 

–     Try not to use any copyright material, with the current political climate the last thing you want is to end up in some detention center for making a children’s coloring book. 

–     If you have the ability, draw a border. Then the child’s finished picture has a frame to color too!           

A Colorful Future?

After you have created your page, all you need to do is upload it to an available picture sharing site, or online coloring site. If you don’t want to try those methods, then maybe you can start your own page blog. In the end if you can get a large enough following, you could even attempt to branch out into your very own coloring site. This would help you!

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Three Free Online Coloring Pages to Keep Your Little Scribblers Busy

Online coloring books are a wonderful thing for full time mothers. There are many sources for online coloring books and freesheets. A quick search in your favorite search engine will yield instant results of fun, colorful, and sometimes educational. With economic times what they are, it’s nice to be able to keep the children entertained and being enriched with skills, calm, and almost as important: quiet. 


Crayola Company has a website for free coloring sheets that is well designed and very kid friendly. A very nice web site, although rather small as compared to some offering free coloring activities, but seems just a bit lacking in a few categories! This being said, this is a site to be recommended to friends with small children. There are really nice educational categories for Canadians.

National Geographic

National Geographic has a lovely web site devoted to animals. There you will find a decent size amount of creatures for your little one to color and learn about. The details of the pictures are not too advanced for smaller children, but still not an insulting “bluntness” for older children. has a nice amount of pictures to select and print. Their site is bit more on the cartoonish side of things but still well within small finger boundaries. The site itself is very attractive to small children, with bright colors and colorful icons. You will need to help your child with selecting a picture as the web site itself is a bit more adult oriented. 

Hopefully this small article will help you on your way to finding the right book for you and your children. 

Free coloring books and pages are a boon to young and single parents. They allow you to give you child a healthy activity that does not cost a thing. So go ahead and download the tyke a new picture to color for you today!

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Educational Coloring Books, and Color Sheets for Home Schooling?

The usage of educational books is something that is just now an up and coming trend in education. This also can be applied to the educational venue newly provided by the advent of home schooling. See if you would like to try it, with a little bit of help and information from the Internet. 

Why Coloring Books?

Every kid loves to color. It relaxes them, allows them to let their creativity, and aids in hand eye-coordination. Coloring Books can be used to educate small children, while they are in the relaxed state, their little brains are soaking up knowledge through exposure to key educational concepts in a fun and easy to understand format. It’s critical to make education fun for a child so they will always enjoy learning and not see learning as a chore.

As the baby gets older, they can be given coloring activities with more information including cut outs and data sheets, just like their favorite trading cards. Any gaps in the youngster’s knowledge or any questions the little one may have can then be answered with a parent, or guardian as home educator. 

Critical Thinking Skills, Give Him an Edge!

As with any study session, it is important to discuss subjects with your little student. Encourage your child to think critically about the information. Ask them questions like, “What did you think of that?”. Anything that initiates a dialogue with the baby to establish good critical thinking skills. Praise them often for displaying these abilities. 

This way, you can establish the valuable abilities of critical thinking early on in your child’s educational and developmental phases. 

Often times you can read to a child, while the child busies idle hands with a coloring activity. This keeps your kids calm and actually does help them absorb knowledge. It does this through the relaxation principle inherent in creativity. A relaxed kid does not fight against concepts and ignores facts out of boredom.

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Where to safely start getting coloring pictures for your child

They are many coloring resources to be found online, but which is the best? How do you rate a coloring website? So many new websites and online resources are turning up every day, allowing children and even some adults to unleash their potential creativity and develop necessary skills and abilities.There are so many different types of online resources available with merely a few keystrokes and a click into your favorite search engine. 

Its important to check a website out first. Do this before letting your children or students access it. To facilitate your safe traversal of these website a small list with a few key points has been devised. Although not all sites may be available indefinitely, they are deemed most likely to continue due to continued public interest and growing concern over television and other media’s impact on children’s lives. 

With varying degrees of interaction based on grade level and skill, a child will be amused and educated for hours. Hours spent in creative endeavors that are relaxing and growth conducive, have been shown to lessen the severity of many types of behavioral problems. – Although not very large, it is a good place to start for those a little bit new to online multimedia applications or small children who have difficulty with decisions. Everything is kid friendly, even the Halloween section that depicts the most adorable fuzzy puffball spiders that any arachnophobia sufferer would still find endearing. Further points of interest:

  • Small child friendly sheets
  • Large pictures for easy coloring.
  • Great web site for newbies to the online multimedia application world. – Has a much larger selection than, but is still an “approachable” web site for senior citizens and smaller kids. Further advantages:

  • A large selection of recognizable characters
  • Good amount of animal color sheets.
  • Even geographic pictures are sponsored. – is an interactive coloring website. All one needs is an updated web browser that can handle flash multimedia.

  • Many different characters for your children to fill in.
  • Colors are chosen and then the desired region is clicked.
  • Very friendly for little kids
  • Minimal amount of adult instruction 

Hopefully the above has given you a start on your search for quality and safe coloring pages. Don’t assume that this is a definitive list, there are worlds of coloring opportunities on the net.

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Free Coloring books and sheets online

Most of us remember having coloring books as a child. We remember the joy, the fun, the flights of imagination we got from  coloring a whole page by our selves. What we were not aware of as children, was the other beneficial effects of coloring and other activities help a child’s hand-eye coordination, stress relief, and gives them a creative format in which to express themselves. 

Hand-Eye Coordination Will Improve

Hand-eye coordination is a very important to brain development. Although you know about the sports and athletics related parts of hand-eye coordination, but little know are all the other benefits that good hand eye coordination can provide. Any activity that requires the exercise of one’s spatial perception, will aid in the strengthening of hand-eye coordination. 

 Stress Relief. Don’t Let the “Angries” Color Your Child Red

The action of coloring has been known to keep a child relatively stress free, and helps work their brain in a calm manner. No over stimulation from pre-imagined (and canned) cartoons! A peaceful activity with the potential for thousands of color sheets and even free pages you can find online. 

The act of creation has been described as anything from a divine activity to indelible flights of fancy. Even the most modest of doodles is enough to begin.  No mastery of art is required, just the sheer act of expressing ones creative side is enough to facilitate healthy development. Whether it be for one end of the spectrum or for the other, the benefits are definably visible. 

What You Will Need

You will need a printer for most, however, there are a lot of these interactive coloring sites opening up every day. You will need an Internet connection for both .Although many believe that it is better to have an actual piece of paper for this purpose. Despite this schism the digital format continues to march onward, and with the advent of the e-book and the e-paper soon there may be books utilizing the same technologies. 

You and your child are just a click away from thousands and more pictures to be colored and enjoyed free of charge. As always, search websites sensibly with your child, that way they can develop safe browsing practices. That being said, any search for these books and sheets online is simple and volumes of pages exist devoted to the subject. 

Potential Outcomes

No matter the format, this free resource exists to help you and your child have fun and build fundamental skills. Fundamental skills that can aid your child further on in life, todays doodler is tomorrow’s architect. Things such as engineering require good spatial perception, the same special perception required for many high tech or theoretical careers. All this potential to be gained from the old fashioned coloring book to the much newer free color sheets online.

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