Three Free Online Coloring Pages to Keep Your Little Scribblers Busy

Online coloring books are a wonderful thing for full time mothers. There are many sources for online coloring books and freesheets. A quick search in your favorite search engine will yield instant results of fun, colorful, and sometimes educational. With economic times what they are, it’s nice to be able to keep the children entertained and being enriched with skills, calm, and almost as important: quiet. 


Crayola Company has a website for free coloring sheets that is well designed and very kid friendly. A very nice web site, although rather small as compared to some offering free coloring activities, but seems just a bit lacking in a few categories! This being said, this is a site to be recommended to friends with small children. There are really nice educational categories for Canadians.


National Geographic

National Geographic has a lovely web site devoted to animals. There you will find a decent size amount of creatures for your little one to color and learn about. The details of the pictures are not too advanced for smaller children, but still not an insulting “bluntness” for older children. has a nice amount of pictures to select and print. Their site is bit more on the cartoonish side of things but still well within small finger boundaries. The site itself is very attractive to small children, with bright colors and colorful icons. You will need to help your child with selecting a picture as the web site itself is a bit more adult oriented. 

Hopefully this small article will help you on your way to finding the right book for you and your children. 

Free coloring books and pages are a boon to young and single parents. They allow you to give you child a healthy activity that does not cost a thing. So go ahead and download the tyke a new picture to color for you today!

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