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Most of us remember having coloring books as a child. We remember the joy, the fun, the flights of imagination we got from  coloring a whole page by our selves. What we were not aware of as children, was the other beneficial effects of coloring and other activities help a child’s hand-eye coordination, stress relief, and gives them a creative format in which to express themselves. 

Hand-Eye Coordination Will Improve

Hand-eye coordination is a very important to brain development. Although you know about the sports and athletics related parts of hand-eye coordination, but little know are all the other benefits that good hand eye coordination can provide. Any activity that requires the exercise of one’s spatial perception, will aid in the strengthening of hand-eye coordination. 

 Stress Relief. Don’t Let the “Angries” Color Your Child Red

The action of coloring has been known to keep a child relatively stress free, and helps work their brain in a calm manner. No over stimulation from pre-imagined (and canned) cartoons! A peaceful activity with the potential for thousands of color sheets and even free pages you can find online. 

The act of creation has been described as anything from a divine activity to indelible flights of fancy. Even the most modest of doodles is enough to begin.  No mastery of art is required, just the sheer act of expressing ones creative side is enough to facilitate healthy development. Whether it be for one end of the spectrum or for the other, the benefits are definably visible. 

What You Will Need

You will need a printer for most, however, there are a lot of these interactive coloring sites opening up every day. You will need an Internet connection for both .Although many believe that it is better to have an actual piece of paper for this purpose. Despite this schism the digital format continues to march onward, and with the advent of the e-book and the e-paper soon there may be books utilizing the same technologies. 

You and your child are just a click away from thousands and more pictures to be colored and enjoyed free of charge. As always, search websites sensibly with your child, that way they can develop safe browsing practices. That being said, any search for these books and sheets online is simple and volumes of pages exist devoted to the subject. 

Potential Outcomes

No matter the format, this free resource exists to help you and your child have fun and build fundamental skills. Fundamental skills that can aid your child further on in life, todays doodler is tomorrow’s architect. Things such as engineering require good spatial perception, the same special perception required for many high tech or theoretical careers. All this potential to be gained from the old fashioned coloring book to the much newer free color sheets online.

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